We are a group of a few friends, who provide the following services:

  • General/Spoken English Language. Ielts / Toefl. Competitions Preparation.
  • Admissions Guidance to diff institutions, spread over all over, not India, but world.
  • Acting School Training. Bhangra & Dance Training. Music & Singing (Vocals & Instruments) Training. Physical, body building, Martial Arts. And what not!
  • Computer Typing (inlcuding Translation Jobs) & Designing Work. Flex Designing & Printing.
  • DTP Training: Corel Draw, Photo Shop, Ms Office (Jobs & Training).
  • Accounts – Tally, Busy, ITR, Vat, Firm Registration. Jobs & Training.
  • Finance Management: Investment Avenues and Options. Credit Consultation and loan availability.
  • Online Presence. Digital Marketing. Website Designing.
  • Computers maintainance. Infections and corruptions removal. Network Administration. Ink refilling.
  • Mobile functions ussage training. How to trace your lost mobile.
  • All types of recharges and bills payments.
  • All types of online Jobs: Online Tenders filling. Passport applying. Online Results. Online Forms Filling. Online bookings & Enquiries. Any other type of online submission.
  • Trouble shooting and Facilities: Any one of 72 types of honest-to-their-work Mechanics: Plumber. Electrician. Carpenter. Painter. Halwai. Automobile Mechanics. Washers. Washerman. Gardner. Binder. Printer. Designer. Fixer. Interior. Architects. Advocates. Baker.
  • Any and all sort of information: Train timings, phone numbers or address of any place, admission process.

  • Buying Advices. Want to buy any gadget or appliance for your home, be guided in advance so that you'll be happy later on.

  • Complaint resolution system (with/for any private or government department): Problems with Mobiles companies, police department, banks, Municiapl Corporation or any other. Tell Us to be heard at higher levels.

  • Astrology, numerology, palm reading. We have some of the best, not cheaters, on our panel.
    Sister Concerns: Marriage Bureau (Brides – Grooms Match Making) and Catering Services. Property Advisor: Property Purchase/Sale. Hire/Rent To Let Services. Placement/ Job Consultation.

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                     आप हमें बस एक सेवा का मौका दीजिये और फिर देखिये.